Omron sensors. Vision Sensors / Machine Vision Systems. Vision Sensors

This package-type Vision Sensor provides both high-end inspection capabilities and excellent processing speed.

FH SeriesVision SystemFH Series

Like or even more than the human eye

FZ5 SeriesVision SystemFZ5 Series

A range of processing items for positioning and inspection

FZ4 SeriesVision SensorFZ4 Series

Speed evolution by Quad Processing. Shape Search II: Cutting edge algorithm for search evolution.

PC Vision System

An easily customizable, PC-based image processing system.

FJ Series (All-in-One Vision System)PC Vision SystemFJ Series (All-in-One Vision System)

PC-based, flexible image processing system. All-in-One Vision System.

FJ Series (Camera and Software Vision Package)PC Vision SystemFJ Series (Camera and Software Vision Package)

Built-in high-quality image processing in a PC system. Camera and Software Vision Package.

Smart Camera

These integrated cameras provide a cost effective solution for a wide range of vision applications.

FQ2Smart CameraFQ2

Advanced inspection in a compact housing. Expanded performance and functionality. Camera, Communications, Software Tools, and Much More.

FQ-M SeriesVision SensorFQ-M Series

Designed for motion tracking

Other Vision Sensors

Smart sensors with LCD monitor and high-speed CCD cameras.

ZFXSmart Sensor (Vision sensor with built-in LCD monitor)ZFX

Essential Innovation for Future Generations

ZFV-CSmart Sensors with Ultra-High-Speed Color CCD CamerasZFV-C

Simple to use. Detection abilities close to human vision.

ZFVSmart Sensors (with Ultra-High-Speed CCD Cameras)ZFV

Low-cost but advanced Smart Sensors combining benefits of optical and vision sensors.

Lighting System

A wide variety of more than 200 Lightings for measurement using Vision Sensors.

FLV SeriesLight UnitsFLV Series

Ring Light, Bar Light and Spot Light. Light Series Approx. 200 Models.

FL SeriesLighting for Image ProcessingFL Series

Next generation ODR technology

3Z4S-LT SeriesLighting System3Z4S-LT Series

Next-generation MG-Wave LED Illumination Combines with the Vision Sensor to Provide New Solutions.


A wide range of products allows you to select the optimal Lens for each application.

3Z4S-LE SV-V SeriesStandard Lens for C-mount cameras3Z4S-LE SV-V Series

Standard CCTV lens. Lower distortion and higher resolution than previous CCTV lenses.

3Z4S-LE SV-H / VS-H1 SeriesHigh-resolution, Low-distortion Lens for C-mount cameras3Z4S-LE SV-H / VS-H1 Series

High-resolution Lens for megapixel cameras.

3Z4S-LE VS-TCH SeriesHigh-resolution Telecentric Lens for C-mount cameras3Z4S-LE VS-TCH Series

High-resolution telecentric lens for megapixel camera

3Z4S-LE VS-L / M42-10 SeriesStandard Lens for M42-mount cameras3Z4S-LE VS-L / M42-10 Series

Wide variety of lenses with focal lengths ranging from 18 to 100 mm.

3Z4S-LE VS-MC SeriesVibrations and Shocks Resistant for C-mount cameras3Z4S-LE VS-MC Series

Vibrations and shocks resistant Lens using a fixation ring.

3Z4S-LE VS-MC Series (φ16 Straight lens-barrel Type)Non-telecentric Macro Lens3Z4S-LE VS-MC Series (φ16 Straight lens-barrel Type)

Vibrations resistant Non-telecentric Macro Lens with a 16-mm-dia. simple mechanism.

FZ-LES SeriesLenses for FZ-series small camerasFZ-LES Series

Lens for small camera of Vision Sensor FZ series.

3Z4S-LE SeriesLens Option3Z4S-LE Series

Lens options including Extension Tubes and Rear Converter Lenses.