Omron Proximity Sensors. Separate Amplifier.

With these Proximity Sensors (high-frequency oscillation), the Amplifier and Sensor Head are separated to enable downsizing and facilitate adjustment.

E2CY-SDNon-ferrous-metal-detecting Proximity Sensor (Separate Amplifier Type)E2CY-SD

Achieve stable detection of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

E2EC-M / -QStainless Steel Sensing Surface Amplifier Proximity SensorE2EC-M / -Q

Improved Durability with Stainless Steel Sensing Head

E2ECCable Amplifier Proximity SensorE2EC

Subminiature Sensors with Long-distance Detection

E2C-EDAHigh Precision Positioning Inductive Proximity SensorE2C-EDA

Proximity Sensor with Separate Amplifier Enables Easily Making High-precision Sensitivity Settings.

E2C / E2C-HSeparate Amplifier Proximity Sensor with Adjustment PotentiometerE2C / E2C-H

Separate Amplifier Sensor with Sensitivity Adjustment