Omron Proximity Sensors. Others, Accessories.

Proximity Sensors are also available for special applications in long-distance models, and slim models are available for use combined with Proximity Sensors.

TL-LUltra-long Sensing-distance Proximity SensorTL-L

Detection Distance of 100 mm for Both Ferrous and Non-ferrous Substances.

GLSMagnetic Proximity SensorGLS

Easy-to-use, Simple Magnetic Proximity Sensor

TL-LP / LYLong-distance Proximity SensorTL-LP / LY

Long-distance Model with a Sensing distance of 50 mm.

F92AInductive CouplerF92A

Transmit Limit Switch ON/OFF Signals without Making Contact

B7APPower CouplersB7AP

Transmits Input Device ON/OFF Signals and Power. The Key to Effortless Wiring for Rotating and Moving Bodies.


OMRON provides Attachments to facilitate mounting, Protective Accessories, and Mounting Brackets.


Mounting Brackets, Mounting Sleeves and Protective Covers