Omron Proximity Sensors. Cylindrical.

These Proximity Sensors use high-frequency oscillation. They resist heat, chemicals, and water better than Rectangular Sensors. They are available in both shielded and unshielded models.

E2E-[]-IL[]IO-Link Proximity Sensor (Standard Models)E2E-[]-IL[]

IO-Link Makes Sensor Level Information Visible and Solves the Three Major Issues at Manufacturing Sites! Standard Proximity Sensor.

E2EQ-[]-IL[]IO-Link Proximity Sensor (Spatter-resistant Models)E2EQ-[]-IL[]

IO-Link Makes Sensor Level Information Visible and Solves the Three Major Issues at Manufacturing Sites! A Proximity Sensor That Can Be Used in a Spatter Environment.

E2BCylindrical Proximity SensorE2B

Perfect fit for standard environments

E2E (Small-diameter)Small-diameter Proximity SensorE2E (Small-diameter)

Ultra small size, but surprisingly easy installation!

Proximity Sensor with All-stainless HousingE2EF

Metal Head for long-distance Detection that Withstands Harsh Environments Where the Workpiece Can Rub against the Sensor

Standard Proximity SensorE2E

Standard Sensors for Detecting Ferrous Metals under Standard Conditions

Long-distance Proximity SensorE2EM

Long-distance Proximity Sensor

All Metals and Long-distance TypesE2V-X[]

Aluminum and Iron Both Detectable from Long Distances

E2EQSpatter-resistant Proximity SensorE2EQ

Spatter-resistant Fluororesincoated Proximity Sensor

E2FMProximity Sensor with All-stainless HousingE2FM

Highly Durable Proximity Sensor for Tough Environments

E2EHProximity Sensor Ideal for High Temperatures and Cleaning ProcessesE2EH

Proximity Sensor Ideal for the Food and Beverage Industry

E2FQChemical-resistant Proximity SensorE2FQ

Inductive Proximity Sensor with Chemical-resistant Fluororesin Case

E2EZChip-immune Inductive Proximity SensorE2EZ

Chip-immune Inductive Proximity Sensor

E2FResin-case Proximity SensorE2F

Proximity Sensor with Resin Case with Superb Water Resistance

E2EYAluminum-detecting Proximity SensorE2EY

A Proximity Sensor for Aluminum, Brass and Other Non-ferrous Metals. Iron Is Not Detected.

E2E2Long-barrel Inductive Proximity SensorE2E2

Proximity Sensor with a Long Screw Length

E2ACylindrical Proximity SensorE2A

Safe Mounting with Greater Sensing Distance