Omron Proximity Sensors. Capacitive.

Capacitive Proximity Sensors can be used to detect non-metal objects, such as liquids and plastics.

E2K-CLong-distance typeE2K-C

Long-distance Capacitive Sensor with Adjustable Sensitivity

E2K-XCylindrical Proximity SensorE2K-X

General-purpose Threaded Capacitive Sensor

E2K-FFlat Proximity SensorE2K-F

Flat Capacitive Sensor with a Thickness of Only 10 mm

E2K-LLiquid Level SensorE2K-L

Liquid Level Sensor That Is Unaffected by the Color of the Pipe or Liquid

E2KQ-XChemical-resistant Proximity SensorE2KQ-X

Fluororesin-coated Capacitive Sensor with Sensitivity Adjuster

E2JLong Sensing-distance Capacitive Separate Amplifier Proximity SensorE2J

Flat Capacitive Sensor with Separate Amplifier Ideal for Mounting on Robot Hands.