Omron sensors.

Fiber Units

Fiber Units, a wide variation of shapes, enviroment-resistives and special-beams, can meet your needs with Amplifier Units.

E32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP

Hex-shaped Fiber UnitE32-LT11N / LD11N / LR11NP

Fiber Units with Build-in Lenses provide more stable detection and simpler, more reliable installation.


Fiber Unit Build-in Lens Series, Flat ModelE32-LT35Z

Optical Axis Adjustment in 20 Sec and Ultra-high-power Beam Greatly Reduce Installation and Maintenance Work

E32-LT / LD

Fiber Unit Build-in Lens SeriesE32-LT / LD

High-power, Stable Detection. Is the Standard for the Future!


Oil-resistant Fiber UnitE32-T11NF

Fiber Units for Reliable, Stable Operation in Cutting Oil Environments

E32 Series

Fiber SensorsE32 Series

OMRON's Fiber Sensors continue to support an increasing range of applications.

Fiber Amplifier

Amplifier Units, simple operation and high performance, can select various Fiber Units depending on works and space.

E3NX-CAColor Fiber Amplifier UnitE3NX-CA

Smart Fiber Amplifier Units with White LEDs. High Color Discrimination Capability with the Same Easy Operation as Previous Fiber Amplifier Units. Existing General-purpose Fiber Units Can Be Connected.

E3NX-FASmart Fiber Amplifier UnitsE3NX-FA

The Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units That Handles On-site Needs

E3X-HDSmart Fiber SensorE3X-HD

Surprisingly Stable Detection with Your Finger tip. Exceptionally easy operation and stabilizing technology reduce maintenance cost.

E3X-DA-SDigital Fiber Amplifier UnitE3X-DA-S

Stable Detection with Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units

E3X-DAC-SColor Sensing Digital Fiber Amplifier UnitE3X-DAC-S

Easy and Reliable. The Fiber Amplifier Unit That Sees in Color

E3X-SD / NASimple Fiber Amplifier UnitE3X-SD / NA

Simple and Affordable Fiber Amplifier Units

E32-L11FP / L1[]FS, E3X-DA[][]TG-SWet Process SensorE32-L11FP / L1[]FS, E3X-DA[][]TG-S

Stable Detection of Glass in Wet Processes. Non-contact Operation Simplifies Mounting and Maintenance.

E3X-DA-S / MDADigital Fiber Amplifier UnitE3X-DA-S / MDA

Advanced Fiber Amplifier Units

E3X-DA-NDigital Fiber AmplifierE3X-DA-N

The Ultimate Fiber Amplifier for Maximum Ease of Use and High Performance

E3X-SDSimple Fiber AmplifierE3X-SD

The Standard for Fiber Amplifiers with Simple Operation and High Performance

F3UVUV Power MonitorF3UV

Monitor the Output of a UV Light Source through an Optical Fiber Cable

Sensor Communications Units

A lineup of Communications Units for Sensors

E3NWSensor Communications UnitE3NW

The Next-generation Sensor Networking Units That Revolutionize the Workplace from Introduction and Startup though Operation

E3X-DRT21-S VER.3Fiber Amplifier Sensor Communication UnitE3X-DRT21-S VER.3

The DeviceNet Communication Unit That Simplifies Managing Sensor Settings

E3X-DRT21 / SRT21 / CIF11Communications Units for E3X-DA-N-series Fiber AmplifiersE3X-DRT21 / SRT21 / CIF11

Three New Communications Units for Fiber Amplifiers