Koyo proximity sensors. APS-CK Series

  • PBT Resin Cylinder, 2-wire DC System
  • Detection distance: 30 mm
  • Equipped with an anchoring clamp
  • Offers  reliable  installation  because  of  a  two- color LED that indicates the stable range (green) / unstable range (red)
  • Wire-saving because of 2-wire type

2-wire DC System

Output Form Operating Distance (mm) Output Form Model Number Remarks
Non-flush Mount Type 30 NO APS30-34CK-Z

2-wire DC System    Non-flush Mount Type

Effective Operating Distance 30 mm±15%
Remarks Accessories
Clamp for fixing (With 2 screws and washers each)
Output Form NO Model Number APS30-34CK-Z
Price Open
Rated Working Voltage 12/24 V DC (10 to 30 V DC)
Allowable ripple rate: 3% p-p or less
Standard Target Object (mm) Iron    60 x 60 x 1 t
Guaranteed Operating Distance 0 to 21.6 mm
Reaction Material Iron/Non ferrous metal
(Operating distance changes depending on materials.)
Hysteresis Approx. 20% or less
Operating Cycle Frequency Up to 10 Hz
Rated Working Current 5 to 100 mA
Voltage Drop 5 V or lower
Off-state Current 1.0 mA or lower
Indicator Lamp Operation indication: Red or green lights up when output is ON.
Installation indication: Green lights up within the stable detection range.
Use Ambient Temperature -10 to +50˚C
Temperature Characteristics Within ±15% (At the operating distance at +23˚C)
Withstand Voltage 500 V AC    50/60Hz (1 minute)
Insulation Resistance 50 MK or higher (500 V DC)
Vibration Resistance Double amplitude: 1.5 mm, 10 to 55 Hz (2 h each for X, Y and Z direction)
Impact Resistance 490m/s2, within 11 ms
(10 times each for X, Y and Z direction)
Protection Level IP67
Case Material PBT resin
Lead Wire Oilproof vinyl chloride cable 2 m
Outside diameter (about φ5.9) 0.5 mm2, 2 core
Tightening Torque 5 Nm or less
Weight (g) Approx. 180