Программируемые логические контроллеры KOYO. Серия SZ

High-performance ultra-small modular PLC

DL205 (SZ) is a series of PLC Koyo PLC, a member of the S series, and she inherited the S series of high-performance PLC in the instruction set compatible with S series of PLC.One of its main features are: small, elegant, space-saving but powerful.When you see only the business card-sized power supply framework, you will be surprised at the design of sophisticated, technical perfection.

Performance Characteristics:
System for single-frame structure, a maximum of eight-slot frame
Maximum I / O capacity of 256 points, I, O ratio of free to choose (as 4 points as the unit)
Equipped with analog and other special blocks to correspond to the special application
Program stored in EEPROM, eliminating the need to save the battery
The clock with a calendar inside (DL240 (SZ-4))
Corresponds to 10M Ethernet Communication
With two communication port (DL240 (SZ-4))
5KCPS enables high-speed processing of high-speed counting
Can capture the pulse signals of up to 0.1ms
Z-CTIF can be realized using simple position control (DL240 (SZ-4))
There corresponds to the high-speed processing of the timer interrupt function
Have a strong self-diagnostic function

Programming port:

Programmable Software: DirectSoft S-62P to connect the programmer (S-20P, S-10HP, S-01P)And the operation display unit (CL-02DS)

Worldwide, universal power supply:

Supply voltage range: AC85 ~ 264V

Sensor Power Supply: DC24V/200mA

Universal communication portRS-232C,DL240(SZ-4)/DL250-1(SZ-4M):

In addition to connect the programmer (S-20P, S-10HP, S-01P) programming software (DirectSoft, S-62P) and the operation of display unit (CL-02DS) outside, but also with the upper computer, serial printers, bar code reading into the machine to connect, and can, together with other S Series PLC constitute the CCM network system.

There are three CPU options:

Universal: DL230 (SZ-3) can control the 128-point I / O, program capacity of 2048 words, the maximum processing speed of 2.5μs / instruction

Enhanced: DL240 (SZ-4) can control the 256-point I / O, program capacity of 2560 words, the maximum processing speed of 1.0μs / instruction with four analog tuning knob

High-functional: DL250-1 (SZ-4M) can control the 256-point I / O, program capacity of 7680 words, the data word register 8320, the maximum processing speed of 1.0μs / instructions are available 2,3,5,8-slot frame for selection , in order to build economical system

A wealth of I / O modules:

Common I / O 4 point / 8 point / 12 point / 16 point DC12V/24V, AC100V ~ 200V

Transistor / Relay / SSR special module count interface module Analog Input Module Analog Output Module Computer Communication Modules Remote Communication Module Ethernet Communications Module

Programming method:

Command language, ladder diagram, class type, ladder /-stage shared

Debugging functions:

Forced to suspend operations monitoring capabilities by address replacement function to rewrite the program features RUN scan stop, re-opened, N scans

peripheral equipment:

Handheld Programmer S-20P, S-10HP, S-01P generic programming software S-62P operation display unit CL-02DS