Панели оператора KOYO. Серия EA7-S6M-C

5.7-inch mini-sized compact, multi-use options may
Click amplification
Performance characteristics:

STN grayscale black and white LCD15

USB is capable of transmitting image data

Ethernet 10M/100M Adaptive mouth (RJ-45)×1

Voice input and output

CF card vertical cell

Expansion I/O card

Shape Size:191×152×43.1(W×H×D)
Performance specifications:

Show some properties Show size 5.7 inches
Display Monochrome STN LCD
Display color / luminance 15 gray
Resolution 320×240 (QVGA)
Effectively shows size(mm) 115.2W×86.4H
Adjustment Ontology for the distribution of images through the set (also available through mapping software for the creation of components set)
Backlight Backlight Cold cathode (50,000 while the average life expectancy : continuous hours) ※1
Users replacement Not
Automatic functions of dormancy Ontology for the distribution of images through the set (also available through mapping software for the creation of components set)
Touch Screen Touch Screen Touch simulation, Resolution :1024W×1024H
External Interface Connect using PLC Serial Communication:RS232C,RS422/485(2/4line-type) D-SUB-15P×1 ※2
Data length:7/8 Spaces Test:None/odd/Even Stop spaces:1/2 Spaces Transmission speed (bps): 2400/4800/9600/19200/38400
Ethernet Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX(RJ-45)×1※3
Data transmission using images USB USB(B) 1.1×1
Ethernet Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX(RJ-45)×1 ※3
Connect with printers No
CF card vertical cell 1 CFvertical cell (3.3Vlimit)TYPEI/II×1
CF card vertical cell 2 CFvertical cell (3.3Vlimit)TYPEI/II×1(Buy)
Ethernet Ethernet 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX(RJ-45)×1 ※3
USB USB(A) 1.1×1 ※4
Voice output Stereo output interface×1
Voice input ※5 Analog input interface×1
External I/O External vertical cell x 1 / (purchase generic companies DL05/06) ※5
General specifications Supply Voltage DC24V (AC100/200V Power Module for private models : EA-AC)
Allow changes in the scope of supply voltage DC20.4 ~ 28.8V
Allow instantaneous stop time Within 5ms
Power consumption Following 10W
The use of environmental temperature 0 ~ 50℃
Preservation of the environment temperature -20 ~ 60℃
Use humidity 10 ~ 85% RH(without Dewing))
Preservation of the environment and humidity 10 ~ 90% RH(without Dewing))
Interference Interference voltage:AC1000Vp-p Pulse width 1μs Rise time 1ns
Voltage DC1000V 1 minute(DC Power supply terminal~FG between Terminals)
Insulation resistance DC500V 20MΩabove(DC Power supply terminal~FG between Terminals)
Vibration resistance IEC61131-2 standards 10-57Hz:0.075mm 57-150Hz:9.8㎡/s (X,Y,Zeach direction 10 times)
Impact Resistance Lagest 147㎡/s 11ms (X,Y,Z each direction 2 times)
Tolerance electrostatic IEC61000-4-2 Standard Contacts:4Kv Atmosphere:8Kv
Corrosion Avoid corrosive gases
Grounding D. kind of grounding
Protection levels Equivalent to IP65 (surface)
The dimension 191.0W×152.0H×43.1D
Weight(g) 650
Opening Size (mm) 179.0W×140.0H
Cooling Natural air cooling

※1:24 consecutive hours at the Lantern
※2:RS-232C/422/485 An optional
※3: Links supplies
※4:Can be linked to the sale of equipment, there are only a part of keyboards, scanners,etc. replicate(2005/10 so far)
※5:Not support(2005/10 so far)
※6:Allow error +1mm、-0mm