Миниатюрные энкодеры OME-N Nemicon

  • Available Index Pulse (Z) for Positioning Applications
  • Connector Terminated for Reduced Wiring Efforts
Electrical Specifications
Type 1N 2N 2MN
LED Current IF=26mA or Less
Maximum Frequency Response 10 KHz
Output Signal Amplitude 150 mVp-p or More
Output Amplitude Variation 40% or Less

External DimensionsNemicon Encoder Энкодер Немикон

Mechanical Specifications
Starting Torque 4.9 x 10-4N.m or Less
Allowable Loads on Shaft 1.96N
Thrust Load, Radial Load 1.96N
Moment of Inertia 1 x 10-8kg.m2
Maximum RPM 6000r/min
Net Weight 20g or Less
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 0ºC - +50ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC - +80ºC
Humidity RH 85% or Less No Condensation
Vibration 10 - 50Hz / 1.5mm 2h
Shock 294m/s2/ 11ms X, Y, Z Each 3 Times
Degree of Protection IP50