Nemicon. Миниатюрные энкодеры 7S

Миниатюрные энкодеры Nemicon 7S 7S
  • Ultra mini size body: O7mm, Body 10mm
  • High resolution: up to 400 resolution
  • Environmental: IP50
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +80ºC
Electrical Specifications
Resolution 100, 200, 400
Signals A, B, Z (index signal)
Output Type Open collector
Supply Voltage DC4.5 ~ 5.5V
Current Consumption 30mA Max
Operating Frequency 100KHz Max

External DimensionsМиниатюрные энкодеры Nemicon 7S 7S dimensions

Mechanical Specifications
Starting Torque 3.0 x 10-4N.m or Less
Allowable Thrust Load on Shaft 0.98N
Allowable Radial Load on Shaft 1.90N
Moment of Inertia 1 x 10-9kg.m2
Maximum RPM 6000r/min
Angular Acceleration 1 x 105rad/s2
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature -10ºC - +80ºC
Storage Temperature -20ºC - +80ºC
Humidity RH 90% Max
No Condensation
Vibration 55Hz/1.5mm
X, Y, Z each 2H
Shock 500m/s2X, Y, Z
Each 3 Times